BERNARD F. CARTER, JR., Investment Executive, Public Member

Bernie has been the President of Dacole Company for over ten years. Dacole is involved in various investment activities including mining, ranching, biotech research, and retail. Prior to Dacole, Bernie managed his own company, and was involved in establishing limited liability companies for commercial real estate holdings, computer chip design, and property management.

Bernie, raised in White Pine County, completed his undergraduate degree from UNLV and received from the University of Colorado an M.B.A.

Bernie has served on the board of directors of State Bank and Trust, h-Cell, Town of Genoa, and was the founding chairman of the Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation and Artown. Bernie currently serves on the board of directors of Renown Health System.

Bernie, with his wife, Susie, have raised three children and enjoy their roll as grandparents.

Bernie was was appointed to the Standing Committee by Governor Gibbons in March, 2007.  His term expires December 2008.




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