Procedural Rules of the
Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline


I.  General Provisions

Rule 1. Scope of rules
Rule 2. Definitions
Rule 3.  Structure; meetings; formal hearings

II.  Privileged Communications

Rule 4. Privileged Communications
Rule 5.  Sanctions for violation of confidentiality
Rule 6.  Formal charges
Rule 7.  Public statements by commission

III.  Jurisdiction and Grounds for Discipline

Rule 8.  Grounds for discipline
Rule 9.  Suspension

IV.  Procedure in Cases of Judicial Misconduct Prior to Finding of Probable Cause

Rule 10.  Initiation of procedure
Rule 11.  Investigation
Rule 12.  Determination to require an answer
Rule 13.  Finding of probable cause

V.  Procedure After Finding of Probable Cause

Rule 14.  Filing of formal statement of charges
Rule 15.  Content of formal statement of charges
Rule 16.  Service of formal statement of charges
Rule 17.  Respondent's answer
Rule 18.  Formal hearing
Rule 19.  Discovery
Rule 20.  Subpoena and inspection
Rule 21.  Witnesses
Rule 22.  Public hearing
Rule 23.  Presiding officer
Rule 24.  Rules of evidence and due process
Rule 25.  Burden of proof
Rule 26.  Cross-examination and evidence
Rule 27.  Order of dismissal
Rule 28.  Decision to discipline
Rule 29.  Consent orders

VI.  Mental or Physical Disability

Rule 30.  Disability
Rule 31.  Procedure for carrying out responsibilities regarding physical or mental disability
Rule 32.  Effect of denial

VII.  Referral; Appeal

Rule 33.  Referral
Rule 34.  Appeal

VIII.  Administrative Provisions

Rule 35.  Expenses, costs and fees
Rule 36.  Amendments and supplemental rules
Rule 37.  Computation of time




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